In connection with the design of the Uber-style waste management application (at the beginning and incomplete!)

This post is related to this post, and it will try to do this in connection with designing an application in the field of recycling using open-source code and Uber style.

To begin with this post and this post, we consider the following:

A massive solution to improve waste disposal. In more detail, this is a waste improvement platform designed and built by users in the Frintern Learning and Growth
Lab. uber for garbage collection and waste bank a virtual reuse / scrap site.
Waste management accessories such as trash cans, waste sorting bins and DIY bio-purifiers
For more information on how the platform was formed, visit the
project wiki for research notes. Work on project in progress Ongoing, see project dashboard and project progress issues and roadmap.

Project Summary WasteUp (Uber for Waste)
A web application (PWA) to help people find, request and pay for professional waste management companies in their area. This app easily allows users to: Find

nearby garbage collection companies
Request garbage collection

Payment for garbage disposal services using: USSD
online paymentGarbage collection schedule in the future Using a simple and easy-to-use interface And it will be attractive.
User Stories Finding Garbage Collection Companies: Users Should Be Able to Find Garbage Companies Nearby Garbage Collection Request: Users Should Be Able to Ask Garbage Collection Companies

Waste companies should be able to view user requests

Pay for garbage collection and disposal:
Users should be able to quickly pay to waste companies using online and / or USSD payments and view past payment history
Waste companies They should be able to inform about the payments received and view all payments from their customers.

Scheduling for waste collection and disposal:

- Users should be able to plan how to collect and dispose of waste in the future. The program can be monthly or weekly.
- Waste companies should be able to see scheduled requests and receive reminders for waste collection

Notifications should be minimized if necessary
Ability to share garbage collection for large residential areas or communities
without prescription payments, all payments must be digital.
The app should also work via USSD / text to allow users without a smartphone to find, request and pay for waste disposal.



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