Introducing the initial idea of ​​a project in the field of waste management through cyberspace

The purpose of this post is to introduce the initial idea of ​​a project in the field of waste management through cyberspace. In general, the importance of recycling is not hidden from anyone, we know that the production of waste in human life is inevitable and undoubtedly not paying enough attention to this issue can have a great impact on the destruction of the environment and nature. As an example, in the video below you can see examples of the dangers of dumping waste in nature (for a whale) :

The purpose of this project is to provide a space for buying and selling municipal waste materials. To do this, through the site and application (similar to the Uber Application), some services, such as advertising the sale and purchase of waste materials and some training in the field of waste, are provided to applicants.

In summary, the main objectives of this plan are as follows:

1. Increase the speed and reduce the cost of recycling
2. Increase the motivation of cooperation and revenue generation for
people applying to participate, in this platform
3. Expand services and dynamics in restructuring the original design,
through the use of open-source business models (Open source) and
Attract new collaborations

Competitive Advantages:

- Less control over the process of buying and selling waste (similar to the Android Uber project)
- Receive a membership fee after three months (membership in the
Premium model)
- Increase members’ capital and a sense of cooperation with customers, through
in-app money based on Part of the company’s shares

Current achievements:

- Achieving the second rank in the entrepreneurship event of the Labor Office and Hakim University in March 2021
- Preparing parts of the site, such as:
- Site front page (
- Collecting application and site codes on the GitHub page
- Making the Sample Smart trash bin (Phase 1)
- Creating some sample for showing the Musical AI part of this project (here)

The process of implementing proposals and other information related to this plan, the two videos below, are visible:

If you wish, you can also visit the GitHub page of this project and its prototype site:

If you want to cooperate in this startup, you can also contact us through the following WhatsApp group:

Update 1:

The initial design information of the WordPress ad site can be seen at the following link:

Update 2:

In this design, artificial intelligence algorithms in two parts:

1- Waste image recognition ( development phase )
Personal melody creation ( motivation , etc. in users)

It is being tested and implemented. The artificial intelligence algorithms that can be used in this project in the field of image processing can be seen here :

Also, an important part of this project includes the use of artificial intelligence algorithm to create a personal melody , the basic principles of which are explained in this post, and how to use this algorithm for this project can be seen in the image below:

For test, we have added some musical AI features on the UN meeting with Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014:

Update 3:

One of the parts of this project is designing a bucket with new technologies for recycling, how to make this bucket will be available in open source on the Internet. Some new technologies in the field of smart buckets can be seen in the following video :

Update 4:

The basic design of the smart trash can is based on this post and its codes are on the project’s GitHub page :

The Below video also explains how to program and operate this trash (Video link In Persian Language):

The basic design of the smart trash can is based on this post and its codes are on the GitHub page of this project:

The following video also explains how to program and operate this trash :

The video introducing the plan for an accelerator ( link ) and the PDF file related to presenting the project for the Nextrapage event along with financial calculations (head-to-head break , etc.) can be seen below:

In connection with the problems that occurred in the field of attracting a colleague or intern, I registered the following ad here :

would like
to advise you that I have been working in the field of a startup related to recycling management for about 6 months. During this time, despite various advertisements on advertising sites, despite receiving the second rank for this startup from the university and the Welfare Office, I have not been able to attract a colleague, trainee or investor for it. That’s why I made this ad to better understand the reason for this failure. If you wish, please contact us through WhatsApp.

Due to the addition of other sections to the project, the construction of a smart bin with the ability to fly, the technologies available to build this project with the help of Arduino electronic boards and artificial intelligence algorithms for its automatic guidance, will be examined in the following post Taken (link ):

According to the results of this advertisement and the important cases that have been expressed in this project as a result of talking to the applicants for guidance and cooperation. To create a prototype of a recycling market similar to the electricity market, efforts have been made to address the following three questions:

- About creating one sample for waste market by WordPress (like power electrical market)

- Searching for open-source website or Android application codes for having waste market like power electrical market

- About creating some waste market like power electrical market

Of course, simple models of taxi applications (similar to Snap) are also available in the market with prices similar to the following example , which can be used for this purpose (October 1400):

Of course, open source examples of the UBER application are also available on the Internet, and for example, in the following video ( link ), there is an explanation on how to build this type of application:

Also, some of the links in this video can be seen here and below:
Google Video Search Results About: Uber Open Source
Google Image Results for: github uber opensoude

Some useful posts :
Upload and open source cruise of your visualization software:
Now loading open source in 2019: Discourse and participation
https: //
Uber is committed to providing open source collaboration for all.
How to build an “UBER” program to order buses using open source in just 1 month — Month/
Uber Gate API Gateway A

few useful projects:
Fuber — UI Taxi booking app!
Uber SDK for Android
Open City Toolkit
uber- Scripts:

About creating a user application:
Google search results for: diy uber like application
Create an Android application like UBER — Part 1 — Introduction
How to create an app like Uber: Complete guide

Some Search Results for Trash Management with App lie Uber:
Google Search Results for: uber for github trash
https: // yun .ir / lmioxa
‘Uber for trash’ uses rideshare technology to collect garbage: / 2018/08/05 / uber-for-trash-uses-ride-share-technology- for-food-watte.html ٪ 28Uber-for-Waste ٪ 29-Project-Brief / wipe / wiki / WasteUp- (Uber-for-Waste) -Project-Brief
Google image search results for: uber vs management waste open source slideshare
Google video search results for: uber vs application management waste

Finding partners for waste management project:

Update 9:

Tips on converting UBER app for waste management app [closed]
Tips on converting UBER app for waste management app
ْQuestion in Qoura

The purpose is to explore the possibility of using open-source code equivalent versions of Uber for this purpose, which is stated in the below :

In short, the idea is to use the open source code of Uber-like apps for recycling, which you would probably guess would be something instead of a taxi or a passenger.

Update 11:

For this startup, I have tried to fill some entrepreneur forms like shown in the below video :

Video would uploaded before 19 Nov 2021

Also, the detail of Y Combinator filled forms, could be seen here. Also posted at below site(link):




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